St. Johns Lutheran Church

E5221 Church Rd, Algoma, WI 54201

Now Hiring – Christian Day Camp Coordinator

Job Title: Day Camp Coordinator

Position Purpose: This position will coordinate the development, implementation, and wrap up of a week-long day camp at St. John’s Lutheran Church. This position will also oversee the daily operation of the week-long camp and provide direction to teachers, volunteers and special guests regarding class instruction.

Compensation: $1500 stipend

Application Deadline: April 1

Applications and Queries: All applications and queries should be directed to Sue Neuzil (920-536-0585, To apply, please email a cover letter and resume.


1. Develop a week-long curriculum for the students of Day Camp that will expose young people to growth opportunities like learning new skills and hobbies (these may be provided by outside vendors) and also giving them time for spiritual growth through teaching and devotions (provided by the pastor and members of the congregation). This includes preparing for all activities, getting the needed supplies, etc.

2. Put together a daily schedule for students, teachers and volunteers to follow.

3. Create an advertising campaign to attract attendees and volunteers to the camp and oversee the placement of advertising in the appropriate places (ex. Newspaper, Social Media, etc)

4. Recruit, coordinate and train volunteers and teachers for the day camp to ensure they are successful and have the tools and resources they need.

5. Work with outside vendors to come onsite and coordinate a schedule with them to conduct special events with the students (ex. Ceramics, Zumba, etc). Oversee any contracts that may need to be completed and coordinate any payment that is needed.

6. Coordinate and work with volunteers for meal and snack planning for the weeklong event.

7. Work within the assigned budget.

8. Oversee the registration process of the camp and communicate with enrolled members to keep them informed.

9. Greet and welcome all campers and volunteers each day.

10. Open, close, and conduct light cleaning on the building each day.

11. Orient volunteers prior to the start of camp regarding expectations/ rules

12. Orient campers on the first day of all rules

13. Relieve teachers and volunteers as needed

14. Remain visible to campers and volunteers during the duration of the camp

15. Coordinate wrap-up activities, including submitting reports to granting agencies, submitting a report to the congregation, collect and submit to the congregation all records and documents related to the program (for example, schedules, releases, contact information), light cleaning, and proper storage of supplies.


• Candidates will have a post-secondary education or be in the process of obtaining their degree, preferably in education or have equivalent experience.

• Strong organizational and communication skills are required.

• Ability to be self-directed and work with little to no supervision.

• Candidates must be members in good standing at a Christian congregation. All such candidates are encouraged to apply, though preference will be given to candidates that are members of St. John’s or another congregation within our synodical fellowship (LCMS).

• All candidates must support the doctrinal and moral commitments of St. John’s.